Hiball Partners with EarthRoamer

Posted on 27 March 2017

Hiball Partners with EarthRoamer:

It's always been a pipe dream for Todd Berardi at Hiball Energy to have an EarthRoamer representing the brand. In December of 2016, that pipe dream became reality when the awesome crew at EarthRoamer created a tailor-made machine for Hiball to use for events, travel, video and photo shoots. EarthRoamer began in 2002 when founder Bill Swails was on an adventure photo trip deep in Denali National Park, Alaska.

His Dodge pick-up with a pop up camper lacked everything needed to be sustainable for long periods of time in the backcountry. Swails, being an engineer, designed a camper set up that would fulfill his adventurous needs, and 15 years later EarthRoamer is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of four wheel drive, go anywhere motor-homes that they call Xpedition Vehicles. This is their story.

Check out earthroamer.com for more info on these fantastic machines!

Film / Edit: Brian Niles (Hiball Energy)
Music: cleod9music.com

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