Resides: Donner Lake, CA

Personal Website:

Favorite Hiball Energy Product and why?

Hiball Wild Berry Sparkling Water! For me, life is a workout – I am currently walking with the aid of two canes so a mile walk with my arms is a full-tilt workout. . I want my body and mind to perform at their highest levels; thus I am very conscious of the products I fuel my life with. In addition to appreciating the organic, fair-trade, “caffeine found in nature” ingredients Hiball uses, I am extremely sensitive to simple sugar (mild hypoglycemia) and have avoided it since I was a kid. The Hiball Sparkling Water drinks contain zero sugar, making this healthy source of rad tasting energy refreshment a welcome resource in my daily battle against gravity!

Top 5 music playlist?

The Glitch Mob - Crush Mode (whole set)
Stick Figure - Coming Home
Eddy Vedder - Society
Rebelution - Fade Away
Minnesota - California Dreaming

Who/What is your inspiration?

The “who” is easy, my wife Shawna – on the daily, she is the most epic human being I’ve ever witnessed. Yes, I have influencers who empower my life like the late & great Shane McConkey, Dr James Lynch, Chris Santacroce, Jon Stewart, Julia Mancuso, Ciro Mancuso, Bethany Hamilton, Conrad Anker, Steven Tyler, and I am constantly awed by the many people I have the privilege to connect with through each chapter of this heart-felt journey. The “what” in my inspiration equation is simply passion, gratitude, volition and the authentic pursuit of joy. Said simply, I am guided and inspired by the Goosebumps of life...

Highlight of your career thus far?

Getting back on a mountain bike and watching the front wheel spin (for the first time in 5.5 years)!!!! Riding the bike again was a huge recovery goal which always seemed impossibly out of reach – and - this past fall, action-sports legends and Sensus Grips Jedi brothers, Cam Zink and Bradly Howell made the magic happen for me in a big way! Stay tuned for more on this expedition to #AwesomeTown!!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
As a kid, I always wanted to be a helicopter pilot and an inventor. Not ironic that all my athletic pursuits include personal flight, and my academic interests were filled with various flavors of engineering science. Check out my book, "Two Feet Back" for more details on my back-story (pun intended).

What does it mean for you to be a Hiballer?
My goal in life is to make a positive impact with my actions, my thoughts, and my interactions. To me, Hiball represents a brand aligned in that goal of making a world-empowering contribution through giving people the tool of positively charged energy to utilize in their lives. Being a Hiballer, is the act of representing that consciously positive energy, and I am honored to be on the team.

Charity Organizations or support:

The High Fives Foundation.

Quote to live by:

"In life, you can’t stop the waves from coming; but you can always learn to surf..." - Unknown

Other Sponsors:

Centurion Boats, Body Glove, Navitas Naturals, Sensus Grips, Balanced Body, Inland Surfer, Spine Nevada, Big Truck Brand, Advance, Parajet, SkySki

Grant Korgan the Speaker:

Tedx San Diego - Watch Video
Tedx University of Nevada - Watch Video
Unbreakable - Watch Video

Grant Korgan the Author:

Two Feet Back - Watch Video



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