Resides: Munich, Germany

Personal Website:

Favorite Hiball Energy Product and why?

I’ve always had a taste for the Grapefruit and Lemon Lime sparkling waters — something insanely refreshing and crisp about those two. Knowing every mouthful isn’t full of sugar or calories, makes the drinks even more enjoyable.

Who/What is your inspiration?

Fausto Coppi, Bernard Hinault, Greg Lemond.

Highlight of your career thus far?

Racing professionally in the US and Europe, winning the 2006 Race Across America as part of the all-diabetic Team Type 1 squad (setting a new world record in the process), being passionate about my web design and motion graphics work. And of course, our little fella, Raphael Jakob.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
Pro cyclist and a graphic designer. Whaddya know?!

What does it mean for you to be a Hiballer?

I’ve been aligned with Hiball since the very beginning. Being diabetic, their sparkling energy water products were an immediate draw for me. Being able to energise before, or recover after heavy training and racing was always a challenge with the over-sugared tat on the shelves everywhere, but Hiball was the answer — and still is. Being associated with, enjoying the product of, and representing the ethos and goals of Hiball, is an absolute pleasure. Of course, designing and creating their websites since the beginning has also been awesome!

Charity Organizations or support:

POW and 1% for the Planet.

Quote to live by:

"Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey." - Arthur Daley, Minder

Other Sponsors:
Oakley, Airstreeem, Craft, Nutrixxion

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